Purple Cow Fundraiser

Yesterday was our fundraiser at The Purple Cow in Fairview. Unfortunately it snowed and was freezing cold weather, so people weren’t quite as inclined to go out. We raised about $125, which is less than we hoped but more than we had the day before, so no complaints. Every little bit will help as we donate these funds to Hogar de Vida Children’s Home for the construction of their security wall.

It was great to see lots of friends and visit with some we haven’t seen in a while. Thanks for all who came out in spite of the chilly weather!


Thanks to the 17 bowlers who came out and everyone who contributed to our first fund raiser! It was a good start toward our goal of $15,000 for Hogar de Vida’s Security Wall. We raised $5,480 and donations are still coming in. It was a fun night with special prizes awarded to:

Craig Smith – highest fund raiser with $770
Rick Oetzel – highest bowling score of 382
Team Oetzel – highest team bowling score of 1044

If you didn’t get a chance to sponsor a bowler and would like to give you can donate online or send your check to:

Matrix Ministries
742 Pulitzer Lane
Allen, TX 75002

Turning Points

Our team is doing a Bible study together called “Experiencing God” by Henry and Richard Blackaby.  Today the lesson, “A Turning Point” was one that struck such a chord with me that I had to share some thoughts. This captures what the lesson is about: “When God invites you to join Him in His work, He has a God-sized assignment for you. You will quickly realize you cannot do what He is asking on your own. If God doesn’t help you, you will fail.”

Yesterday I was doing some planning for our 2013 Mission Trips to Costa Rica. The thought came to me that we needed to formally map out all the projects we are planning and determine how much money we’ll need to raise to accomplish them. Last year we took on projects as we had funds donated. This year we’ve taken on projects where we feel God leading us and we’re depending on Him to show us how to get it done. Coming from the business world, I have to laugh a little bit as I think how crazy this would seem to some people.

One of the questions in my study this morning asked how do you handle those decision points in life when you have to decide if you trust God enough to move forward with something that you know you cannot possibly accomplish on your own?

That hit me like a smack on the head. This theme has been popping out at me in scripture over and over in the last year, so I guess God wants me to hear it loud and clear. I’ve been a Christian for many years and most of those years I’ve been focused on doing things in the areas that I felt God has gifted me. While there’s nothing wrong with that, in some ways I realize how much I’ve been leaving God out of the loop. Hey God, thanks for allowing me to have a singing voice and some spiritual gifts that will be helpful to others. I’ll go off and serve you with those. See ya later.

How often does this happen? I bet a lot of people are walking through life doing the very same thing. Not only do we miss out on some amazing things God has for us to do, we miss out on the absolute joy of experiencing what He can do through us that it so obviously not of our own doing, but through His power. It’s an exciting ride. Get on board!

It is God who works in you to will and to act according to his good purpose.” ~ Phillippians 2:13

Post by Cate Rader

Day Three In Haiti

10.20.12 Today was impactful as we ministered to 200 children. Songs are a universal language; a chorus of children reciting Psalm 23 was music to our ears.

Day Two In Haiti

10.19.12 Our day started with a visit to the Bethesda School in Madeline. Pastor Craig shared the story of Peter walking on the water with the children. Later, we traveled for several hours in a Toyota 4×4 to visit the market in Cap-Haitien, as well as several churches in the countryside. The sights and sounds of Haiti are both awe-inspiring and humbling. A burned out orphanage is home to many children who would otherwise have no place to sleep. Even in this place where there seems to be much hopelessness, the church is alive and growing. God is faithful. Pray that lives will be changed eternally as we share the Gospel with school and neighborhood children tomorrow.

Day One In Haiti

Pastor Julio and Family

10.18.12 We arrived safely in Cap Haitian. Our lodging is nice, but it is very hot and humid today.
First we took a tour of the school and church and had a great visit with Pastor Julio and his family. He wife prepared a delicious meal. We also attended their special church service in the evening. We have learned so much about what is happening here already and look forward to a busy day tomorrow.

Off To Haiti

Our Haiti Team left this morning from Florida.

While in Haiti we will be working with Pastor Jean Giles Julio of Eglise Evangelique Bethesda De Madeline Church. Among his many existing ministries, he has a vision to start an orphanage.  We will see what God reveals to us concerning our role in his ministry and vision.

Our base camp will be with Wilber Marsalis of Living Hope Haiti Christian Mission (LHHCM).  Wilber’s ministry is to connect short-term mission teams to ministries in the area looking for long-term partners.  A perfect fit for who we are.  Our prayer is that God is leading us to an area in Haiti where Matrix Ministries can come along side existing Haitian ministries to further His kingdom in Haiti with long-term partnerships.

Two elders (and the wife of one of them) from Grace Community Church (GCC) in KY will be accompanying us.  They are also interested in a long-term partnership with a local church in Haiti.

God led both MM and GCC on a very interesting path that has us arriving in Haiti with Pastor Julio and LHHCM.  Please pray that we will see His will for us in His work in northern Haiti as we seek to join Him in what He is already doing. Keep us in your prayers this week!

New Partners In Grecia, Costa Rica

On our August trip to Costa Rica we were introduced to a pastor at a growing and vibrant church in Grecia. Pastor Oscar shared his testimony, which in a nutshell was nothing short of miracle after miracle in his life! After battling cancer for 5 years he was completely healed and felt led to start a church. They met in homes until they grew too large to continue and found a building to rent. Now growing beyond this space and needing to find a permanent property, they prayed about where they would go. The lease on their building would run out at the end of the year, so they knew they needed to have a plan soon.

One Sunday earlier this year, Pastor Oscar felt the Lord telling him that they would be delivered from this situation and be directed to the place where God intended the church to be. The church prayed and felt that God would soon have answers. That same week a man approached Pastor Oscar and told him of a property for sale close by and that he kept thinking that a church would be there someday. The property turned out to be just what they were looking for except for one big challenge – the asking price was $90,000. In the states that’s quite a bit of money for a small church, but imagine that in a little coffee farming town where people live on $400-$600 a month or less! Again the church prayed that if that’s where God wanted them to be, He’d make a way. Time for the next miracle! A pastor from the association of churches, AIBC, paid a visit to Pastor Oscar and they shared what was going on in their respective churches. A week later, this pastor contacted Pastor Oscar and told him that his church was going to give them the money to purchase the land! It’s impossible not to be excited about what’s happening in this church when you hear the vision and passion that Pastor Oscar has for the Lord and for his community. We felt clearly that God was showing us an opportunity to join in what He’s doing in a mighty way in Grecia and look forward to partnering with Pastor Oscar.