Day Three In Haiti

10.20.12 Today was impactful as we ministered to 200 children. Songs are a universal language; a chorus of children reciting Psalm 23 was music to our ears.

Day Two In Haiti

10.19.12 Our day started with a visit to the Bethesda School in Madeline. Pastor Craig shared the story of Peter walking on the water with the children. Later, we traveled for several hours in a Toyota 4×4 to visit the market in Cap-Haitien, as well as several churches in the countryside. The sights and sounds of Haiti are both awe-inspiring and humbling. A burned out orphanage is home to many children who would otherwise have no place to sleep. Even in this place where there seems to be much hopelessness, the church is alive and growing. God is faithful. Pray that lives will be changed eternally as we share the Gospel with school and neighborhood children tomorrow.

Day One In Haiti

Pastor Julio and Family

10.18.12 We arrived safely in Cap Haitian. Our lodging is nice, but it is very hot and humid today.
First we took a tour of the school and church and had a great visit with Pastor Julio and his family. He wife prepared a delicious meal. We also attended their special church service in the evening. We have learned so much about what is happening here already and look forward to a busy day tomorrow.

Off To Haiti

Our Haiti Team left this morning from Florida.

While in Haiti we will be working with Pastor Jean Giles Julio of Eglise Evangelique Bethesda De Madeline Church. Among his many existing ministries, he has a vision to start an orphanage.  We will see what God reveals to us concerning our role in his ministry and vision.

Our base camp will be with Wilber Marsalis of Living Hope Haiti Christian Mission (LHHCM).  Wilber’s ministry is to connect short-term mission teams to ministries in the area looking for long-term partners.  A perfect fit for who we are.  Our prayer is that God is leading us to an area in Haiti where Matrix Ministries can come along side existing Haitian ministries to further His kingdom in Haiti with long-term partnerships.

Two elders (and the wife of one of them) from Grace Community Church (GCC) in KY will be accompanying us.  They are also interested in a long-term partnership with a local church in Haiti.

God led both MM and GCC on a very interesting path that has us arriving in Haiti with Pastor Julio and LHHCM.  Please pray that we will see His will for us in His work in northern Haiti as we seek to join Him in what He is already doing. Keep us in your prayers this week!