Pastors Eli & Martha

Pastor Eli Alcides Mora Solis  & wife Pastora Martha Badilla

Iglesia Biblica Hogar de Fe in Desamporados, Costa Rica


We met Pastor Eli and his wife Pastora Martha on our 4th trip to Costa Rica.  Eli and Martha have a real heart for their community, their country, the world, and the Kingdom.   Along with leading his own church, Pastor Eli also provides supervision for the Nicaraguan pastors in the AIBC Association.  He and his son David (also a pastor) are also involved in starting a new ministry to the indigenous Cabecar tribes of Costa Rica.

Among the usually church ministries (worship services, adult and children’s ministries, fellowship events, etc..), Iglesia Biblica Hogar de fe provides some large community ministries including: a homeless shelter, a food pantry, clothing collection and distribution, job assistance, a single mom’s ministry, and an elderly ministry, just to name a few.   Pastora Martha recently started a ministry called Mujeres de Poder (Women of Power).

Mujeres de Poder is a job skills training ministry to help women learn to make clothes so they can: get a job, sell clothes, and generally provide a better existence for their family.  The Brook Ministries helped collect funds to purchase sewing machines for Mujeres de Poder which began operation in 2011.  Eli and Martha’s vision is to expand Mujeres de Poder using donated clothing for patterns, increased training opportunities, increased community ministry, and to start a women’s prison ministry.  The women’s prison for Costa Rica is located in Desamporados.  They envision a ministry where women released from prison can come to the church and receive a couple sets of nice clothes for job searching, assistance with food and shelter if needed, and training to get them back on their feet.  And, in the process, find the Only true answer to all our problems – a relationship with Jesus Christ.  Eli and Martha would also like to provide periodic medical clinics to the community using short-term medical teams.