Status Updates

What God Did With The Money
2016 Status Report



Some of you donate to this ministry directly.  Some of you are homeowners who chose to hire Fences for Orphans to build your fence.  Some of you volunteer your time to Fences for Orphans knowing that the money saved because you don’t get paid goes directly to serve God’s kingdom here on earth.  Many of you prayed for this ministry and for God’s direction as we made decisions about which projects he would have us participate in.

God’s matrix is so much bigger than Matrix Ministries, but here’s where he led us to apply the resources he channeled to us through you:

Work in Haiti

  • $10,000 for an orphanage latrine in Biggarouse, Haiti (74 children, 8 Mamas, 1 Pastor)
  • $3,500 in Oct 2016 to help fund a security room on the 2nd floor of Pastor Julio’s church in Cap Haiten, Haiti
  • $1,000 to purchase French Bibles and training materials for pastors in Haiti

Work in Costa Rica

  • $7,750 to Pastor Elias Church in Siquirres, Costa Rica – Improve their church kitchen – Build a restroom facility – Purchase food serving tools
  • $8,000 to build a church building on the Cabecar Indian reservation
  • $9,925 for Pastor Oscar’s church in Grecia – Fund and help build second floor walls and roof – Add windows and doors on children’s buildings – Help prepare land (part of the church property) for sale – Repair a church van
  • $4,100 to help fund construction of The Brook’s new Training Center
  • $1,000 in Oct 2016 to help send Pastor Oldemar and his wife to England for their daughter’s wedding.

Work in Nicaragua

  • $4,000 to help fund the building of a new church

Work in Cuba

  • $500 to help send Pastor Eli on a Cuban mission trip
  • $1,000 to help fund Pastor Eli doing Pastor Training

Work in Africa

  • $10,350 for water projects (dig 2 wells)

Our part in the Lord’s service comes to a complete halt without your part, so from the bottom of our hearts we thank each and every one of you for the role God had you play.  Without you there would be no Matrix Ministries.