New Partners In Grecia, Costa Rica

On our August trip to Costa Rica we were introduced to a pastor at a growing and vibrant church in Grecia. Pastor Oscar shared his testimony, which in a nutshell was nothing short of miracle after miracle in his life! After battling cancer for 5 years he was completely healed and felt led to start a church. They met in homes until they grew too large to continue and found a building to rent. Now growing beyond this space and needing to find a permanent property, they prayed about where they would go. The lease on their building would run out at the end of the year, so they knew they needed to have a plan soon.

One Sunday earlier this year, Pastor Oscar felt the Lord telling him that they would be delivered from this situation and be directed to the place where God intended the church to be. The church prayed and felt that God would soon have answers. That same week a man approached Pastor Oscar and told him of a property for sale close by and that he kept thinking that a church would be there someday. The property turned out to be just what they were looking for except for one big challenge – the asking price was $90,000. In the states that’s quite a bit of money for a small church, but imagine that in a little coffee farming town where people live on $400-$600 a month or less! Again the church prayed that if that’s where God wanted them to be, He’d make a way. Time for the next miracle! A pastor from the association of churches, AIBC, paid a visit to Pastor Oscar and they shared what was going on in their respective churches. A week later, this pastor contacted Pastor Oscar and told him that his church was going to give them the money to purchase the land! It’s impossible not to be excited about what’s happening in this church when you hear the vision and passion that Pastor Oscar has for the Lord and for his community. We felt clearly that God was showing us an opportunity to join in what He’s doing in a mighty way in Grecia and look forward to partnering with Pastor Oscar.