July 2011

Atenas, Costa Rica

Team Members:

Ray Young, Lyn Cook, Garrett Cook, Cate Rader, Lori Mayo, Mary Ann Smith, Craig Smith, Logan Smith, Lauren Smith, Glenn Millsap, Helene Millsap, Charlotte Millsap, Phillip Millsap, Barbara Erickson.

Hogar de Vida  Projects:
  • Collected and delivered clothing donations for children and Tia’s
  • Sanded and painted porch railings, seats and metal window bars
  • Power-washed and painted various driveway areas (prevents slipping during the rainy season)
  • Did mowing, raking and other maintenance on the grounds
  • Led a daily craft and game time with the kids
  • Strengthened relationships with the staff and Tia’s
  • Completed “The Hole In Our Gospel” and 40 Day Quest as a team study
Iglesia Biblica Projects:

Work on new Youth Center Construction/Casa de la Cultura

  • Removed old concrete entryway
  • Dug out, formed and poured new concrete entryway and sidewalk around the building
  • Poured concrete on the remaining building lot surfaces to prevent water erosion
  • Finished laying block
  • Started work on roof trusses
Team Excursion Day
  • Took a day trip to San Ramone Canopy Tour, and hiked to waterfalls in Atenas