Fences For Orphans 2011

Last year Fences for Orphans completed 40 fence projects, donated over $50,000 to help orphans in Haiti, Uganda and Mexico.
Here are some highlights.

$34,000 donated toward building orphanages.

$6,000 donated to dig a well at the Desire Villiage in Haiti, the previous source of a Malaria outbreak.

$7,700 donated to purchase beds where 65 children were sleeping in canvas tents with most of the boys sleeping on dirt floors.

$13,000 donated to build a student center and fund additional project at Iglesia Biblica in Atenas, Costa Rica.This center gives teens a place to come after school, have internet for homework and be under the supervision of good Christian role models. In the evening the building is utilized for English classes, financial classes and Bible studies.