The Grecia Project Begins

Yesterday Pastor Oscar came by the house to pick up the first payment for materials for the Grecia project. It has begun! Over the next few months, with generous help from Matrix Ministries and the donors of The Brook Ministries, Iglesia Biblica Uncion con Gloria will get a roof. Praise God!

I have met a handful of people in my life of whom I would say they had truly great faith. Oscar is one of those. Healed of terminal cancer, he gave his life to the service of the Lord, and has persevered despite many obstacles.

His church in Grecia is in a very poor part, well outside the main town. The people are mostly farmers, and very poor. The building they have been in for many years now is limiting to their ministry. By God’s grace, a church in San Jose donated a new piece of land a few blocks away–and it is beautiful. But even with the land, the church could not afford to build a new building. But by faith they began.

And now it is our honor to put a roof on what will be their new sanctuary. And I can tell you the excite is palpable. Pastor Oscar’s vision is great, and from what I’ve seen in him, I expect the Lord will do even greater things still through his ministry.

Please pray for the work, God’s continued provision, and for the mission teams coming down over the next few months.

Steve Lucas
The Brook Ministries