More Fences – More Orphans Helped

We’re finishing up another beautiful fence in McKinney this week. This is the third fence in the same neighborhood. I guess neighbors do take notice! In spite of the chilly weather, we are busier than ever for this time of year with about 8 fences sold and lined up to be built. This is great news because it means we’ll continue to have funds going toward orphanages where the money is so needed! Every time you see us post a picture of a fence I hope you will picture those who will be helped. That’s what I think about as the last nail is pounded and we step back to look at the finished fence.


We will be very busy over the next month, and I suspect this will continue into the spring.  While you might now be able to in a position to go on a mission trip and help out in another country right now, you CAN make a huge difference by giving a few hours to help us with a fence. What a great way to:

  • spend a Saturday morning with your son or daughter while mom is getting things done around the house
  • take a day with some coworkers and come out
  • bring your scout troop and teach the boys a new skill
  • fulfill community service hours for school projects

Here’s our upcoming schedule. If you can take a few hours out of your day and join us, we’ll be blessed, you’ll be blessed and some orphans will be blessed!

  • January 22-26 Fence in Allen
  • January 29-February 2 Fence in Frisco
  • February 5-9 Fence in Allen

Contact Catherine Kester, FFO Volunteer Coordinator, for directions.