Greenfields Still Exist!


As a board member of Matrix Ministries we meet to discuss tactical decisions based on the ministry as it works here in the United States.  While this is vital and important to help Ray and the ministry grow and adapt, it’s not the only important aspect of the ministry.  What is of equal priority for Matrix Ministries is unlocking the power that we all have – that is our daily blessing living here in the United States as a vehicle to support God’s words and guidance across the world.

This picture from our recent visit to Costa Rica speaks so powerfully to me.  As a Christian for many years, yet one who came to know the Lord as an adult, I still have much to see and learn.  When we visited this site, I found a remarkable situation that very quickly showed me how Matrix Ministries can be an impact for God.  In this picture, we are laying hands on and praying over a native Cabecar Indian, Hugo, who is called to the Lord and to support the local Cabecar community as a Christian Pastor.  He is donating the land next to his house for a new church to be built.  It amazed me to be standing there praying over a new ministry and a greenfield church.  This is in a native area where the surrounding remote population have lived generations and centuries with witchcraft, idol worship, polygamy and incest – with many of these people not knowing the love of God.  It was a wonderful blessing to be where God wants us to be – to help a believer there be a light in the darkness.  To know that we can leverage our bounty here in the United States with our donations of our time and finances as a small part of our lives and turn that into a meaningful empowerment of God’s desire.

Our actions and commitments here, matter there, and there, and there.  We are all the hands of God and He calls us to action.

Dave Egan