Shock and Awe!

I was shocked.  I do fence quotes all the time.  Most of the people who contact us are very interested in the fact that FFO uses volunteers to build fences which allows us to donate 80% of our profits to help orphans and 3rd world churches.  For most, that’s why they contact us.  Because of this, I am often very encouraged by my conversation with perspective clients.  But I recently sold a fence to a client an a follow-up conversation ‘shocked’ me.  Her and her husband had already committed to have FFO build their 8 foot tall board-on-board fence with all the basic ‘nice’ fence stuff and with a driveway gate.  After she had already told me they were going with us, she asked how much to add a cap and to ‘box in’ the posts?  These are usually considered significant add-on niceties.  I provided the new quote.  The next day she replied, “..go ahead and put that we do want to box the posts and the 2×8 cap – might as well spend as much as we can to increase your profits!  It is for the kids so I don’t want to cheap out!”.  Her clear perspective shocked me, and I told her so.  She then replied, “God has blessed us – and keeping it to ourselves is just wrong.” I was now shocked, and on the floor.  Never before has a client expressed so clearly that they GOT IT! They live in the Matrix, AND they understand why.  I LOVE it!

P.S.  I don’t want to “dis” our many other great hearted FFO clients.  I know many of our clients have the same perspective because we’ve discussed it.  I had just never had someone put it so clearly in ‘words’ and in action by letting us build their fence.

How God could multiple His blessings to us for His glory and the benefit of others if only we all had that same perspective about everything in our lives.  I wish I could do that myself.  It’s just hard when you live in the weeds of the world.  And in our area, the world’s weeds abound.