A Word From Pastor Oldemar

Blessings to all that the Lord allows read this letter.

It is a great pleasure for me to talk about Matrix Ministries, its directors, and all its partners, donors and advocates.Here in Atenas they have worked hard and have helped many people with the projects they have developed.

1. The Casa de la Cultura
It is a wonderful building that houses an area for laptops in which we give internet access to the poor students of Atenas, where they can also print their homework. They have a place for games as well, so they have a healthy choice of recreation. This building was built with the help of Matrix and its short-term teams . The ministry also helped provide the furniture for the building. Also, Ray and Cate worked on this project with their own hands, which was inspiring for all.

2. The Pastor’s Office 
Extraordinary, beautiful, useful. It is a place for prayer, counseling, and hard work in the study of the Bible.

3. The Multipurpose Room for Community
It is a place for social, cultural and educational activities. We offer various courses, and offer it to the community for birthdays, weddings, dinners, meetings , school classes , etc.

These projects have been built with the invaluable help of Matrix Ministries. God blessed us through this ministry to meet the needs of children, adolescents, adults and seniors.And spiritually , the directors and the teams have been have been a blessing and testimony of their devotion and passion for the less fortunate .

If you support this ministry, you are supporting God’s work in Costa Rica and other places that need help.

Pastor Oldemar Artavia Rodriguez, Iglesia Biblica